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Singapore Manufacturing Federation Awards 2018

Date:2018-10-10 13:55

26 September 2018Akribis was awarded as the Distinguished Winner of SMF Sustainable Growth Award (SME Category). This award recognises companies which demonstrated adaptability to different economic situations and growing their businesses and profitability over the long term. It is very honour to be the only Distinguished Winner as we are competing with many good companies in Singapore. It is a very remarkable achievement for us.




During the event, Mr Kong (co-founder and director) received the award on behalf of the Company from Mr Heng Swee Keat (Minister of Finance) at the ceremony held at Resorts World at Sentosa Singapore. This event attracted an audience of around 1,000 people from Government Agencies, Embassies, Partners and Member Companies.



The SMF Awards is a platform for companies to showcase their exemplary leadership and business acumen. It aims to recognise companies for their outstanding achievements in attaining quality business growth and profitability through innovative business model and use of best practices.


Akribis Systems Pte Ltd won the Distinguished Winner of

SMF Sustainable Growth Award (SME Category).


Akribis Systems designs and manufactures direct drive motors, stages and high precision systems for automation equipment. Industries served include semiconductor, hard disks, smart phone, robotics, battery for electric cars, biomedical, machine tools, television display panels etc. Any industry that requires precision motion control to micron or submicron levels are potential customers for Akribis.


By driving the loads directly, it replaces conventional rotary motor technologies that uses transmission mechanisms such as gears and timing belts. Direct drive technology enables higher precision and higher speed in motion control, resulting in greater productivity and accuracy in manufacturing processes.


Akribis is now the market leader of linear motors in China, surpassing other brands from USA, Germany, China and Japan. Akribis has more than 500 customers in China and more than 800 customers worldwide. 


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