Voice Coil Modules

Voice Coil Modules

ATA Series

Two Position Actuators
• Only 24 VDC supply
• No compressed air needed
• Very fast response
• Controllable holding force  


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AZT Series

Dual guide vertical voice coil stage with Theta axis

  • High speed high acceleration
  • Fast response and quick setting time
  • Compact
  • No backlash
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TGV Series

Thru Hole Voice Coil with Cross Roller

  • Thru hole voice coil feature
  • Low friction
  • High precision
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XRV Series

Cross Roller Voice Coil Stage

  • Suitable for minute movement and smooth motion
  • Fast response and quick settling time
  • Low friction
  • No commutation needed
  • High precision
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MGV Series

Miniature Guides Voice Motor Modules
• Direct Drive
• Zero cogging and backlash ironless
  linear motor actuator
• Stroke from 15mm to 30mm
• Miniature linear guidance rails
• Suitable for high speed and acceleration applications
• Smooth motion even at low speeds (low velocity ripple)

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DGV Series

Double Guide Voice Coil Modules
• Compact, modular direct drive voice
  coil pick and place system
• Low moving mass
• High acceleration, fast response and
  short settling time
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