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        TGB & AXM Stage


        TGB with AXM high precision stage is applicable to dispensing, micropackage and precision detection. It is driven by Akribis’ high performance ironless linear motors.



        * XY axis adopts build-in grating system. Its resolution is 0.1 μm, repeatability can be ±1um, and accuracy can be ±3.5 μm

        * Effective stroke of XY axis is 300*200 mm, and maximum speed up to 800 mm/s

        * Customization is available



          Unit X Axis Y Axis
        Stroke mm 300 300
        Resolution μm 0.1 0.1
        Accuracy μm ±3.5 ±0.1
        Repeatability μm ±1.0 ±1.0
        Flatness μm ±4
        Straightness μm ±4
        Maximum Speed mm/s 800
        Recommended Payload Kg 20
        Orthogonality arc sec 10