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        AZT2 Stage


        * Suitable for high speed pick & place applications:linear motion with precise rotation

        * Accurate force/torque, position, velocity, acceleration control

        * Programmable force control with soft landing feature

        * Voice coil motor Z axis with precision linear optical encoder and 40mm stroke

        * TBrushless DC motor T axis with precision rotary optical encoder

        * Long lifetime with minimum maintenance



        Mechanical Performance
        Dimensions (H*D*W) 194.5*75*15 mm
        Maximum Thrust 8 N
        Weight Appr. 570 g
        Vacuum Port M-3AU-3
        Operating Temp +10~+50 ℃
        Storage Temp -10~-50 ℃


        (without dew condensation)

        T Axis Rotation Angle 360°
        Z Axis - Voice Coil Motor
        Encoder Resolution 0.1 μm
        Stroke 40 mm
        Peak Force 8 N
        Force Constant 4 N/Arms
        Resistance 5.8 Ω
        Peak Current 4 Arms
        Continuous Current 2 Arms
        Linear Guide 1 EA
        Positioning Accuracy ±0.3 μm


        T Axis - Coreless Type AC Servomotor
        Encoder Resolution 0.1 μm
        Maximum Speed 1000rpm
        Resistance 2.4 Ω
        Inductance 200 μH
        Peak Torque 47 mNm@24Vdc
        Rated Torque 15 mNm
        Pole Pairs 2
        Peak Current 2 Arms
        Continuous Current 2 Arms
        Positioning Accuracy ±0.045°