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        AM6-79 Stage


        AM6-79 stage(Akribis Miniture 6-DOF) is a miniature six degree-of-freedom stage designed by Akribis Systems and is driven by Akribis OEM voice coil motor.



        * Six degrees of freedom

        * Highly integrated design

        * Linear encoder resolution of 1μm, 0.5 μm,0.2 μm or SINCOS

        * ±5 arcsecond roll & pitch repeatability

        * Compact structure, extra thin thickness for height (z direction)

            By optimization of structure, the thickness of the linear motor AMS65 stage is only 15mm, and the thickness of the rotation motor AMR65 stage is only 22mm


        * Flexible combination, free combination of XYZRPT


        Performance Parameter Unit Remarks
        Payload (at 100℃) Kg 1.3
        Payload (at 150℃) Kg 1.6
        X Y Axis Effective Stroke mm 16
        Z Axis Effective Stroke mm 5
        Roll & Pitch Rotation Stroke ° ±7.5
        Theta Rotation Stroke ° ±25
        X Y Repeatability μm ±1
        Z unidirectional Repeatability μm 0.5
        Z bidirectional Repeatability μm 2
        Roll & Pitch Repeatability arcsecond ±5
        Theta Repeatability arcsecond ±2
        Weight Kg 1.8