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        Enabling Customer's Competitive Advantage

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        Case Brief: 
        Akribis Systems Pte Ltd. founded in 2004, began its entry into the U.S.in 2008 with leading distributors serving manufacturing. In the beginning the primary focus and product was on manufacturing that required direct drive linear motors. Today, Akribis designs and manufactures linear, rotary and voice coil motors, as well as stages and precisions systems. In 2012 the company established its U.S. subsidiary, Akribis Systems Inc. with offices in San Jose, California and Boston, Massachusetts. 
        Cymatix, based in Petaluma, California, is a successful distributor and manufacturer's representative company, founded in 1983, led by John Bundschuh. The company provides technical expertise in overall system design, design review, sizing and component selection. Its primary industry sectors are original equipment manufacturers including factory automation, material handling, hard disk drive, industrial, medical, research and semiconductor. Cymatix established its relationship with Akribis in 2008, changing its resource on linear motors to Akribis because of its competitive technology, reasonable pricing and faster lead times. 
        At the point of engagement with Akribis, Cymatix was collaborating with a customer to convert it from ball screw motors to linear motors.  Akribis motors provided three key advantages to the customer: faster lead times, doubling through put of customer's system with considerably reduced settling times.
        Cymatix Customer Case 
        "We had one of our leading  customers," related John Bundschuh, "that was using all screw driven stages. Thru-put was critical to their operations. So we began working with them to transition their operations from ball screw to linear motors." Cymatix brought in a firm to design a stage with cross roller bearings. They selected the Akribis motors for these key reasons: ramped lead times, high quality, greater performance and reasonable pricing.
        Since that first adoption of Akribis products by Cymatix, the company has significantly expanded its product range, and thus greater opportunity for providing more industry sectors. 
        Akribis Systems Inc.
        The value to Cymatix and its customer was that the customer's manufacturing conversion was completed faster and subsequent production was more economical because of Akribis fast delivery, product warranty and documented high quality efficiency. Outcome was an immediate competitive advantage and operational cost savings for the Cymatix customer.

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