Precision Stages

Precision Stage

Akribis Systems specialize in providing precision stage, linear motor, XY stage, air bearing stage, xyz stage, xy table & others. we provide variety series of precision stages such as xy air bearing stage, Gantry T-Drive linear motor high precision stage & others for various application needs

Precision Stages Series

gtd precision stage

GTD Series

  • Gantry T-Drive linear motor high
    precision stage
  • Driven by zero cogging AUM
      linear motors
  • Excellent straightness, flatness
    and accuracy
  • High precision Bosch Rexroth linear
    guide rails and low noise runner blocks
  • Integrated with linear encoder, limit sensors
    and reference mark for homing
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gag precision stage

GAG Series

XY Air Bearing Stage

  • Driven by direct drive linear motor
  • Superior flatness and straightness
  • Ideal for high precision and smooth motion
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vrg precision stage

VRG Series

Versatile and robust H and T drive Gantry

  • Driven by direct drive linear motor
  • Options for ironless and ironcore type linear motor
  • Stable and consistent motion performance with short settling time
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