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  • 产品概要: more>
  • 产品概要: PCSuite is leading software environment to configure, tune and operate Central-i AGM, centralized A...more>

  • 产品概要: PCSuite Engineering Version (Beta)more>
  • 产品概要: AM (Akribis Miniature Modules) series are with characteristics of high precision, fast response and...more>

  • 产品概要: The ADR-A series motors are iron core type of brushless motors. Through our unique winding design, ...more>

  • 产品概要: The ADR-B series motors are iron core type of brushless motors. Through our unique mechanical desig...more>

  • 产品概要: The ADR-P series are frameless motor. Through same electromagnetic design as ADR-A and ADR-B, our A...more>

  • 产品概要: The ADR-F series are frameless motor. They have compact size which is appropriate for robotic appli...more>

  • 产品概要: ACD series are ironless brushless motor. Our ACD series have no cogging torque so that they have sm...more>
  • 产品概要: ACW series are also ironless brushless motor same as ACD series. Particularly, they have flat desig...more>

  • 产品概要: AXD series have flat design and large center hole through unique mechanical design. But they are di...more>

  • 产品概要: AXM series have similar design with AXD but have higher speed and smaller volume.more>

  • 产品概要: The AGR series have high IP protection grade with same electromagnetic design as ADR-A and ADR-B. ...more>

  • 产品概要: ADR-H series have low rotor inertia and are suitable for indexing application.more>

  • 产品概要: Outer rotor permanent magnet motor,has higher torque than inner rotor motor.more>

  • 产品概要: Thin and compact framless motor,has high torque density, high speed and high cost performance. Suit...more>