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        • Name: XCV
        • Version: Voice S-005
        • AddTime: 2020-08-18
        • Views : 938

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        Design Feature

        A. Direct drive linear mechanism by voice coil motor

        B. Zero cogging effect, zero backlash

        C. High repeatability and accuracy

        D. Suitable for short stroke, high speed and high acceleration application

        E. Cross roller stage providing high stiffness

        F. Maximized dynamic performance


        Specifications Unit XCV30
        Stroke1 mm 4
        Motor - AVM30-HF-4-C116-0.5
        Continuous Force N 7.27
        Peak Force N 46.17
        Resolution μm ABI21: 1.0/0.5/0.2
        AT2: 0.2/0.05
        Bidirectional Repeatability μm ABI21: 1.0/0.5/0.2:±1
        AT2: 0.2/0.05:±0.5
        Straightness μm ±3.0
        Flatness μm ±3.0
        Rated Payload2 kg 1.0
        No-load Moving Mass kg 0.072
        No-load Total Mass kg 0.48
        Max. Allowable Payload kg 4.0
        Max. Allowable Roll Moment Load Nm 5.0
        Max. Allowable Pitch Moment Load Nm 7.3
        Max. Allowable Yaw Moment Load Nm 7.1


        1.Stroke refers to hardstop-to-hardstop mechanical stroke. Effective stroke equals to mechanical stroke for this short-stroke stage.

        2.The rated load is based on the load in which the acceleration of the mass is at least 1G.


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