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        • Name: AZT
        • Version: Voice S-005
        • AddTime: 2018-09-05
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        Design Feature

        A. Direct-drive voice motor system

        B. Precise motion and homing

        C. Compact and modular design

        AZT Series (Dual guide voice coil stage with theta axis) driven by Akribis’ rectangular voice coil motor system, have advantages of fast response and wide bandwidth. It is suitable for short-stroke but high-frequense application.


        Direct-drive voice motor system

        AZT series are driven by Akribis’ rectangular voice coil motor. The advantages of this motor are zero cogging force, very fast response and bandwidth. It is suitable for light weight, high speed and acceleration application.


        Precise motion and homing

        AZT Series integrate high level precision optical encoder system, which contributes a precise positioning motion for customers.


        Compact and modular design

        The biggest advantage of AZT Series is compact, which makes it easily integrated in current equipment. The modular design of AZT series provides multiple pick and place solution.


        MODEL AZT16
        MOTOR DGV16 ARC16-40
        Continunes Force (N)/ Moment(mNm) 4.0 9.1
        Peak Force (N)/Moment(mNm) 12.0 36.4
        Stroke(mm)/(Degree) 10 360
        Moving Mass(Kg)/ Rotor Inertia(gcm2) 0.028 47.67
        Moving Mass Including Theta Axis (Kg) 0.083
        Total Mass (Kg) 0.275
        Performance Parameters Straightness (µm) ±3µm/25mm
        Flatness (µm) ±3µm/25mm
        Bidirectional Repeatability (µm) 2

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