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        • Name: XRV
        • Version: Voice S-002
        • AddTime: 2018-09-05
        • Views : 1032

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        Design Feature

        A. Direct-drive voice motor system

        B. Precise motion and homing

        C. Low friction


        XRV Series (Cross roller voice coil stage) driven by Akribis’ rectangular voice coil motor system, are high precision and fast response stages. It is suitable for minute movement and smooth motion application.


        Direct-drive voice motor system

        XRV series are driven by Akribis’ rectangular voice coil motor. The advantages of this motor are zero cogging force, very fast response and bandwidth. It is suitable for light weight, high speed and acceleration application.


        Precise motion and homing

        XRV Series integrate high level precision optical encoder system, which contributes a precise positioning motion for customers.


        Low friction

        High level precision cross roller linear guide provides low friction and smooth motion, and also contributes to better stiffness.


        MOERL XRV76 XRV97 XRV115
        MOTOR AVA1-20 AVA2-20 AVA3-20
        Mechanical Parameters Moving Mass (Kg) 0.167 0.264 0.425
        Total Mass (Kg) 0.476 1.152 2.206
        Stroke (mm) 20 20 20
        Performance Parameters Straightness (μm) ±2.5
        Flatness (μm) ±2.5
        Bidirectional Repeatability (μm) ±0.5
        Linearity Without Mapping (μm) ±5
        Linearity With Mapping (μm) ±1
        Bearing Parameters Maxium Static Mapping (N) 510
        *Recommended Maximum Load (N) 1 7 14
        Recommended Roll Moment (Nm) 0.6
        Recommended Pitch Moment (Nm) 0.5
        Recommended Yaw Moment (Nm) 0.3

        * The recommended maximum load is based on the load in which the acceleration of the moving mass is at least 1G.

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