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        • Name: VPL
        • Version: Linear S-005
        • AddTime: 2018-09-04
        • Views : 913

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        Design Feature


        A. Direct-drive ironless linear motor positioning system

        B. Precise motion and homing

        C. Compact, light and easily integrated

        VPL Series (Vertical pick and place linear motor stage) driven by Akribis’ ironless linear motor system. Well balance between compact size and reasonable high continue force.


        Direct-drive ironless linear motor positioning system

        VPL Series are directly driven by Akribis’ ironless linear motor. It provides smoothly motion at low speed condition, quick response and short settling time.


        Precise motion and homing

        VPL Series integrate high level precision optical encoder system, which contributes a precise positioning motion for customers.


        Compact, light and easily integrated

        Using single linear slide design, thus, compared with other stage VPL is more compact. It makes VPL easily integrated in customers’ equipment.

        MODEL VPL32 VPL48 VPL51
        MOTOR AUM2 AUM3 AUM4
        S2 S3 S2 S2



        Carriage Length (A) 64 94 121
        Module Height (H) 100 121.3 146
        Module Weight (W) 32 48 51
        Base Mounting Hole (B) 45 47 82
        Base Mounting Hole (C) 95 90 200
        Base Mounting Hole (D) 40 75 \
        Carriage Mounting Hole (F) 15 15 25
        Carriage Mounting Hole (G) 28 43 50
        Moing Mass (Kg) 0.33 0.46 1.05 1.31
        Stroke  (mm) 50 Module Mass (Kg) 1.22 1.4 3.43 5.19
        Module Length (mm) 211 241 282 332
        Recommend Maxium Payload (Kg) 0.5 0.8 2.0 5.0

        Bearing Parameters*

        Maximum Bearing Load (N) 420 1140
        Recommended Roll Moment (Nm) 6.9 34.2
        Recommended Pitch Moment (Nm) 6.9 34.2
        Recommended Yaw Moment (Nm) 1 4

        * The bearings come with a light preload C1, with radial clearance of -12 to -4μm.


        Performance Parameters Unit Value
        Velocity* m/s 1.5 0.7
        Straightness μm ±3μm/25mm
        Flatness μm ±3μm/25mm
        Bidirection Repeatability μm ±1.5 ±1.0
        Linearity without Mapping μm ±3μm/25mm

        Note: The straightness, bidirectional repeatability and linearity are qualified according to ISO 230-2:1997.

        * Based on 20MHz counter frequency

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