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        • Name: DGL XY
        • Version: Linear S-001-1
        • AddTime: 2018-09-30
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        Design Feature

        A. Direct-drive ironless linear motor positioning system
        B. Precise motion and homing
        C. Cantilever design
        DGL XY dual linear guide cantilever stage is built by Akribis' standard DGL series module, with great stiffness and positioning accuracy.

        Module Configuration

        MODEL Axis Motor

        Effective Stroke (mm)

        Total Moving Mass (Kg) Total Mass (Kg) Sensor Position (mm) Hard Stopper Position (mm)
        DGL180 Top AUM3-S2 200-300 Ref to Table 2 Ref to Tabel 3 Stroke+4 Stroke+20
        DGL200 Bottom AUM4-S2 200-600 A B Stroke+4 Stroke+20


        A = Table 2 (Bottom Axis) + Table 3 + 6.12 (Interface Mass, Kg)

        B = A + Table 4


        Axis Moving Mass

        Carriage Size S2 S3 S4
        Top Axis 2 2.5 2.7
        Bottom Axis 2.4 3.1 3.4


        Total Mass for Top Axis

        Effective Stroke/Top Axis Mass (g) 200 300
        Motor Coil Size S2 17.04 20.44
        Motor Coil Size S3 18.26 22.94
        Motor Coil Size S4 20.74 23.24


        Total Mass for Bottom Axis

        Effective Stroke/Bottom Axis Mass (g) 200 300 400 500 600
        Motor Coil Size S2 16.4 19.8 22.3 25.7 29.1
        Motor Coil Size S3 18.9 22.3 24.9 28.3 31.7
        Motor Coil Size S4 20.1 22.6 26.1 29.5 32


        Performance Parameter

        Specification Parameter Unit DGL180 DGL200
        1Straightness μm ±3μm/25mm ±3μm/25mm
        NTE±10μm/300mm NTE±10μm/300mm
        1Flatness ±3μm/25mm ±3μm/25mm
        NTE±10μm/300mm NTE±10μm/300mm
        Repeatability (1μm resolution) ±3μm (40μm scale pitch) ±3μm (40μm scale pitch)
        Repeatability (0.5μm resolution) ±1.5μm (20μm scale pitch) ±1.5μm (20μm scale pitch)
        Repeatability (0.1μm resolution) ±1μm (20μm scale pitch) ±1μm (20μm scale pitch)
        Repeatability (Analogue) ±5 counts ±5 counts
        X-Y Orthogonality Arc-sec 10 10

        Note: All measurement taken when module is mounted on a 5 micron flat granite table.

        1.Motor cable is the length of cable measured after the bottom axis carriage.

        Key words :

        Download: DGL-XY Series 【查看】